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7 Best Web-based Reporting Tools of 2022

As a small business owner, you need to be able to track your company’s progress and growth. The best way to do this is by using web-based reporting tools. These tools allow you to see how your business is doing in real-time, so you can make the necessary adjustments to continue growing.

There are a lot of different reporting tools out there, so it can be difficult to know which ones are best for your business. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the seven best web-based reporting tools of 2022. These tools are perfect for small businesses and will help you track your progress, growth, and KPIs.


Whatagraph is a top web-based reporting tool. With Whatagraph, you can track social media and website data and create infographic reports using the data.
With Whatagraph, you can track social media and website data and create infographic reports using the data.

What is Whatagraph?

Whatagraph is a top web-based reporting tools that allows businesses to measure and track the results of their marketing campaigns across various channels. A user can automatically gather data from all of their marketing channels, create visually appealing reports, and share them with ease.

Features of Whatagraph

  • Create cross-channel reports: Using Whatagraph, users can easily integrate and gather data from various marketing channels using over 30 straight API connectors.
  • Minimize manual work: This software automates the data collection from marketing channels, eliminating the need for manual work and reducing human error.
  • Customize reports to business needs: Premade widgets and layouts provided by Whatagraph enable users to rearrange them according to the metrics most relevant to their organizations.
  •  Improve collaboration and communication: Multiple team members can gain timely access to Whatagraph, leave comments, and schedule reports at the same time.

Plan & Pricing of Whatagraph


  • A good way to optimize and automate your reporting routine
  • The user interface is easy to navigate. This tool has really good graphics. It saves a lot of time.
  •  “It’s very easy to use, and the support staff is very responsive and easy to work with. They typically resolve any issues within the day, sometimes within a few minutes.”


  • “Some of the more granular data can be hard to pull sometimes, and constructing your own modules is not the easiest or most intuitive process.
  • The customer service has extremely slow.


Databox lets you track performance in real-time by pulling all your data into one place. Databox is another item on our list of top web-based reporting tools
Databox lets you track performance in real-time by pulling all your data into one place.

What is Databox?

Using Databox, customers can create analytics dashboards that include information from multiple sources and can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Several cloud services and databases are integrated with one-click import connectors, as well as an API that can be customized for custom integrations. Databox is a popular web-based reporting tools for small businesses.

Features of Databox

  • Get a holistic view of data at a glance by pulling and combining data from multiple sources. 
  • The dashboard lets companies track vital business data without switching between platforms, allowing them to concentrate on what matters and make informed decisions based on them. Data insights will not be lost with a report or alert. By adding notes to dashboards, data insights are contextualized further.
  • Its simple drag-and-drop user interface makes connecting data and visualizing it in a dashboard simple. Without writing a single line of code, you can easily add, remove, resize, and reorder data blocks. You can also create custom queries. For better findings, dashboards can be labelled and sorted.
  • Having a single source of truth means everyone’s viewing and working with the same insights, increasing visibility and company-wide collaboration. 
  • It is possible to restrict access to dashboards by role and team. 
  • Identifying trends and drawing correlations between metrics is easy when a user visualizes performance. 
  • A targeted campaign can be created by segmenting and viewing audiences according to different criteria such as their location or the amount of traffic they generate. 

Plans & Pricing of Databox


  • “This is a really good tool to show a lot of platform data in one place. Also really handy to be able to share the links and the updates show within the share link pretty much instantly.”
  • “Databox is highly customizable, allowing for white-labelling, custom reporting, and offers a wide selection of native data sources that you can sync with out-of-the-box.”


  • The amount charged per month is quite a bit to just be displaying data.”
  • Also, as a warning, leaving is draconian. If you don’t click the one hidden link to delete account, you will be charged and they will not provide a refund.”


Web-based Reporting Tools: DashThis
You can create dashboards with DashThis for Google Analytics, Facebook, Adwords, and many more.

What is DashThis?

Using DashThis, users can create custom marketing reporting dashboards such as those for SEO, SEM, social media, analytics, and display advertising. Multiple data sources can be integrated into the platform in any combination to display key marketing data in a single report that updates automatically, as well as the ability to send notifications to stakeholders.

Features of DashThis

  • Track and interpret campaign performance metrics
  • Connect to big data sources
  • A selection of pre-made dashboard layouts can be customized with widgets, adding logos, rearranging and adjusting dashboard section separators, adding notes, and more.
  • All dashboard data sources are automatically updated for each dashboard, and data sources can be combined in any combination.
  • The CSV file import system allows users to add custom data that automatically updates each month, so users don’t have to manually add new data each month.

Plans & Pricing of DashThis


  • “It has greater flexibility and functionality, not to mention supporting more than just my website as a platform to draw analytics from.”
  • “DashThis also offers a wide range of support & connectivity to other platforms, making this even more useful in the future. The customer support has been surprisingly responsive and effective.”


  • “The interface is limited, still some bugs occur.”
  • “Can be expensive as there is a limitation for the number of widgets per dashboard and the software is priced by the number of dashboards per plan.”

Google Data Studio

Top Web-based Reporting Tools: Google Data Studio
Using Data Studio, you can create dashboards and reports that are informative, easy to read, and shareable.

What is Google Data Studio?

In our list of web-based reporting tools is also Google Data Studio, it provides tools for dashboarding and visualizing data. Using its interactive dashboards and compelling reports, you can make informed decisions in your business. Many sources of data can be combined into one place, such as spreadsheets and other Google products. Data can be transformed into easy-to-read metrics and reports using Google Data Studio. Reports can be distributed throughout a team or company after they have been created.

Features of Data Studio

  • Using Google Data Studio, you can create interactive dashboards and professionally styled reports by connecting multiple data sources using a variety of visualizations, including graphs and pie charts.
  • For popular data visualization purposes, users can customize customizable report templates or create reports wholly from scratch.
  • Data from Excel spreadsheets may be imported and integrated via CSV files, and created reports are centrally saved on Google Drive for easy sharing.
  • As well as Google Analytics, Google Sheets, Google Ads, and Google Drive, it also connects to BigQuery and other SQL databases, Search Console, Campaign Manager, Attribution 360, and YouTube.

Plans & Pricing of Data Studio


  • “It’s a really powerful tool. Collaborating on reports with others is also rather easy and it’s nice to be able to make real-time updates with teammates.”
  • “It is amazing what you can do and all the options you have to do a drill down in the data shown. Dashboards can be shared with all the team at any time.”


  • “It’s missing a few features, and I’ve noticed a few bugs here and there.”
  • “Importing data can often be a pain and it is sometimes quite difficult to set up connections to refresh data sources, which makes reporting more manual and time-consuming than it should be.”

Top Web-based Reporting Tools: INTEGRATE.IO – the data warehouse integration platform designed specifically for e-commerce. 

What is is a web-based reporting tools for data integration. Among its services are solutions for marketers, salespeople, support personnel, and developers. You can build a complete marketing solution and a sales analytics solution with Campaigns and strategies can be built in a comprehensive and effective manner.

Features of

  • Using’s marketing solution, you can combine social media, analytics, and CRM data.
  • Data from other pertinent sources, such as social media, analytics, and other sources, can be integrated with your customer support data. You may make wiser business judgments with the aid of this sales solution.
  • Comprehensive insights will be provided by the customer support analytics solution from
  • The platform offers developers a solution that enhances bandwidth and maximizes efficiency. Pricing


  • “Saves us time and money. Many processes can be automated quickly and easily.”
  • “One of the key benefits is how technically capable their support staff is. They do a great job supporting a technical product.”


  • “Error logs are not always informative. Transforming JSON or other nested data is not trivial.”
  • Sometimes when a job fails, it’s hard to determine the cause from the provided Error Log as it can be pretty minimal in some cases.


Top Web-based Reporting Tools: Klipfolio
Klipfolio is a platform for building dashboards and reports that track KPIs and identify trends by putting data to work for the user.

What is Klipfolio?

Klipfolio is a robust analytics and business intelligence tool that thousands of companies use to improve their decisions. Link to any data source and consolidate all of your data in one location. The data can be shown, explored, and distributed as needed.

Features of Klipfolio

  • Use one of the 300+ data connectors or the REST/URL option to connect your data.
  • Create highly individualized reports and dashboards using the raw data. Modeling or a data warehouse is not necessary.
  • With the support for iFrames, Embedded HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, you have complete control over how your data is displayed.
  • Utilize countless Excel-like formulas and procedures to change and tidy up your data.

Plans & Pricing of Klipfolio


  • “Intuitive UI, Amazing and responsive support staff, Concise help documentation, Innovative and customer-focused team, Frequent how-to webinars.”
  • “Great tool for analytics with amazing visualizations and brilliant customer support.”


  • “It’s very difficult to format outside of the pre-defined reports. If you are not a Klipfolio expert or technically savvy, you are limited in Klipfolio.”
  • “Lack of Alerts, this is very necessary for an IoT dashboard. Lack of User Interactivity – users want to adjust the data content by drag and drop and drill down.”

Zoho Analytics

Through its easy-to-use data connectors, Zoho Analytics lets you analyze data from many different sources.

What is Zoho Analytics?

You can easily create reports with Zoho Analytics. It allows users to create actionable reports in minutes from any data. A powerful AI assistant provides meaningful reports for users in the form of intelligent answers to their questions.

Features of Zoho Analytics

  • 100+ connectors for databases, cloud storage, and common business software.
  • You can visualize your data using Charts, Pivot tables, Summary views, KPI widgets, and custom dashboard themes.
  • Data from several business apps is analyzed using unified business analytics.
  • Augmented analytics with an intelligent assistant driven by AI and ML that can comprehend questions posed in natural language.

Plans & Pricing of Zoho Analytics


  • Overall, if you need a data display solution that can hook up to nearly anything, and is robust enough to grow with you, Zoho Analytics may be perfect.”
  • “I like the synchronization with other applications and ability to automate data refreshes.”


  • “The integration with Zoho CRM is a little misleading. It is not full integration.”
  • Tool is expensive for businesses having smaller no


These seven web-based reporting tools will help you track your progress, growth, and KPIs in real-time so you can make the necessary adjustments to continue growing your business at a rapid pace. Do you have any favorite reporting tools that you swear by?

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