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SPIFF: Introducing the Leading Sales Commission Platform

CEO:Jeron Paul
Headquarters:Sandy City, UT
Last Updated: 2022

What is SPIFF?

By automating payout calculation and increasing incentives, SPIFF boosts team morale and accelerates business growth. Through it, customers are able to build and manage incentive and compensation schemes that are geared toward top-line growth without coding or expert assistance.

SPIFF are one-time bonuses given to salespeople when they meet specific sales targets. SPIFFs are generally used to boost sales of existing products or services or to promote the sales of newly developed products. Suppose, for example, your company offers a $100 SPIFF for every new customer it acquires within a set timeframe. Additionally, it can help improve employee morale and motivation, as well as encourage friendly competition among your sales team. Finally, because they are short-term bonuses, SPIFF can be quickly adjusted based on changes in the market or your company’s needs.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when using SPIFFs is that they should only be used for specific and measurable objectives. Otherwise, you run the risk of your sales team becoming demotivated if they don’t hit their targets. For example, rather than offering a SPIFF for every new product sale made, you could offer a SPIFF only when 10 new products are sold within a certain time period. This way, your sales team has a specific goal to strive for and can better gauge their progress.

To assist users in matching entries from the database, Spiff uses machine learning. To offer in-depth insights into income, commission, and cost, it integrates with a variety of big data analytics technologies. Users can access the site via iOS and Android mobile devices, and the platform has a search module that aids users in finding offers using various filters and sorting methods.

Who Benefits From Using SPIFF?

Both employees and business owners benefit because, with Spiff, your finance team can automate the commission process and your sales team can trust the data because of our unique tracing functionality. Spiff was created from the bottom up to assist businesses in identifying effective motivational tactics. It uses the most recent advancements in behavioral science, machine learning, and predictive analytics to assist firms in increasing top-line sales.

Features of SPIFF

Spiff is the leading sales commission software and commission tracker automating manual commission calculations and motivating sales teams.
Spiff is the leading sales commission software and commission tracker automating manual commission calculations and motivating sales teams.
  • Easy Plan Creator: With the plan designer, you can create and modify your plan in minutes. There is no need for coding skills. Spiff is familiar to anyone who works with spreadsheets.
  • Adaptive Commission Regulations: Be able to comprehend the most intricate structures and intricacies. Marginal commissions, deal splits, ramps, team roll-ups, and other services are among our offerings. If anything can be expressed mathematically, this tool can handle any mathematical scheme.
  • Smart Building Blocks: By mixing and matching elements like rules, variables, and circumstances, you may design the most detailed logic.
  • Easy Access to Data: Obtain your data from a number of supported CRMs, accounting systems, and payment processors instantly and in real time. You can also use spreadsheets.
  • Designer view: Spiff creates your commission plan using the idea of building bricks.
  • Temporal plan assignments: In just a few clicks, assign or remove representatives from plans for dates in the future. Based on these dates, it automatically changes commissions.
  • It is critical in advanced team management to define complex team structures, including the members of the team, their managers, and subteams. In Spiff, team commissions are automatically adjusted based on the date of membership.
  • Utilize integrated quota tables to manage quotas with the flexibility and strength of a spreadsheet.
  • Personalized incentive dashboards that update in real-time as business events happen: Provide every rep with a personalized incentive dashboard that updates in real-time.
  • Transparency and trust can be fostered by giving your teams access to detailed commission calculations.
  • You can generate payroll reports for your finance and accounting departments with just a few clicks to ensure that your teams are paid on time.
  • The plan recommends that you improve your incentive compensation policies and expand your company by utilizing data.
  • Modeling new plans, backtesting new rules, and optimizing commission structures are all possible with testing capabilities.
  • Export statement and period data: You can export commission data into Excel or CSV files for in-depth analysis.

How can SPIFF help your business?

SPIFF can help businesses in a number of ways, including the following:

  • Finance: Spend less time writing reports and correcting a never-ending stream of commission mistakes. To ensure data accuracy and consistency, Spiff connects with the programs you already use.
  • Operations: With Spiff, you may empower your personnel and eliminate sales process aggravations. Their simple commission administration software allows you to set up even the most complicated commission plans automatically.
  • Sales: With Spiff, you’ll have more insight into the commission procedure and, as a result, improved trust, motivation, and job satisfaction within teams.
  • HR: Stop worrying about compliance, employee retention, or complicated pay structures for commissioned workers with Spiff. They assist you in automating the most time-consuming administrative activities so you may focus on your business.
  • Spiff Integrations: With Spiff, you won’t have to worry about compliance, employee retention, or complicated pay scales for commissioned workers. It assists you in automating the most time-consuming administrative activities so that you may focus on your business.
  • Design: Create commission plans that are simple to implement and scale. With Spiff, you may create the ideal strategy for your needs in minutes, not months, regardless of how complicated your team or objectives are.
  • Motivate: Spiff is a cloud-based software that optimizes salespeople’ motivation through the use of neuroscience to help businesses create more satisfied, driven sales teams.
  • Manage: Spiff is a commission management solution that integrates all of the features you’ll need to run commissions from beginning to end into one convenient location.
  • Scale: Create commissions that generate revenue. Their enterprise-ready platform allows you to make adjustments, restructure departments, add or remove reps, and measure performance with just a few clicks.

Plans & Pricing


  • A high percentage of reviewers rated the user interface as transparent, easy to understand, and easy to use.
  • The Salesforce integration is very helpful and enables quick communication between teams according to almost every reviewer.
  • According to 89% of reviewers, the software automates the creation of plans and makes assessing them simple, which boosts staff motivation.
  • According to 67% of reviewers who discussed data visualization, its KPI monitoring tools include detailed charts that provide an in-depth breakdown of essential characteristics.
  • In terms of service and support, most reviewers who spoke of implementation teams indicated that problems were resolved quickly and efficiently.


  • Speed: The platform slowed down the work of nearly 65% of reviewers because of errors and issues.
  • Hard to Use: 75% of users who examined the training report that the product is difficult to master and that there isn’t much training offered.
  • Mobile App Could Be Better: Approximately 67% of reviewers think the mobile app could use some features and still be improved.
  • Funtionality Needs Improvement: 76% of those who evaluated this flaw felt that the tool lacks a lot of versatility and has a lot of room for development.

What is SPIFF’s mission statement

SPIFF’s mission statement is “To help businesses manage their work.”

Are there any alternatives to SPIFF?

Yes, there are a number of alternatives to SPIFF, including:

How can I contact SPIFF?

You can contact SPIFF by:

– Email:

– Phone: (888) 992-8729

– Web:


SPIFF can be an effective tool for boosting your company’s sales; however, it’s important to use them wisely. Make sure each SPIFF has specific and measurable objectives attached to it, and set an expiration date so that the program doesn’t become an ongoing expense. What do you think, is this toool the right one for your business? Let us know in the comments.

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