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Introducing Soundraw: Trending AI Music Generator

sounddraw ai
App Summary:a piece of AI-based music-generation software made to help musicians and non-musicians write music.
Founders:Daigo Kusunoki
Total Funding Amount:$1.34M
Similar, Soundy, Epidemic Sound
Industries:Multimedia and Design
Socials Twitter, Facebook,

What Is Soundraw?

Music makes everything better and if you’re someone that relies very heavily on having a soundtrack to your life then Soundraw has you covered.

Soundraw is a tool that enables all creators to edit the duration, structure and musical elements of their own creative works. The originality can be attributed freely because it creates music in any genre with AI-powered effectiveness!

If you’re looking for something new and exciting in your music, then look no further than the AI-powered generators on this site. Whether you’re looking for calming melodies or something that will get adrenaline pumping, Soundraw has it all. With songs in every genre and with beautiful instrumentals to boot!

Who Needs Soundraw

Creators can make music with Soundraw.
Creators can make music with Soundraw.

Soundraw is the perfect tool for any creative project. Whether you’re a video creator, podcaster or game developer looking to build your soundscape with one-of-a kind musical tracks – Sound raw has what it takes! Finding that ideal piece of music can be quick and easy when using this app’s vast library in just seconds flat

Although, in actuality, it doesn’t differ all that much from searching and sifting through a typical royalty-free music library. The music you hear here is different since it seems to be original. Google Chrome and Adobe Premiere Pro are both compatible with Soundraw. You may sign up for free to get started. To download the song, you would need to sign up as a paying member, though.

Top Features of Soundraw

  • The composition, length, and instruments of any song can also be customized according to your needs.
  • For any project, unlimited music can be downloaded and used.
  • The WAV format is the easiest way to use any music you generate.
  • The “Keep” feature of the tool allows you to save tracks for use in the future, or to edit them for clients.
  • SOUNDRAW’s URL feature lets you quickly share your in-progress tracks with clients and teammates
  • This tool works best in Google Chrome
  • It is always possible for Windows and Mac teams to access and edit the music you create and edit

Getting Started With Soundraw

Once the tab has been opened, you select what mood you want the song to carry as well as the length, then click create music.

Once that is done, a music list column will open with all the music generated. There, you’ll find 15 new tracks for you to listen to, pick from, and edit. You can customise the tempo, instruments, melody, composition etc. When you’re done, you can download your track and voila, you’re free to use it.

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Plans & Pricing of Soundraw

FAQs –

What rights are included?

SOUNDRAW is a resource for sound effects and voices, but you are free to use them in any way that suits your needs. The only thing that the brand ask as thanks is an attribution or backlink when possible!

Can I change the name of a song?

Yes, but only for saved songs. Click on the pen icon of a song in the keep list of the composition screen and enter a new name.

What payment options are available?

Their online payment system supports Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

You can keep using all of the music you downloaded before you canceled your subscription, but you will no longer be able to download music once you cancel your subscription, even if you still had time remaining until your next billing.

I want to cancel my subscription.

You can cancel your subscription from your account page. However, please note that you will no longer be able to download music once you cancel your subscription.

What is royalty-free music?

Royalty-free means you have the right to use copyright material or intellectual property without the need to pay royalties for each use. When you subscribe to one of our plans, you get a license to use our music without paying any royalties.

Whom does the copyright belong to?

All intellectual property rights, such as the copyrights and trademark rights relating to music generated by Soundraw belong to the operating company SOUNDRAW inc.

Top Reviews for

  • “I can see this being really useful for short videos but find myself really disappointed at the 5 minute limit since I often create videos that go for 20 minutes or more and want some background track to match the pace of the vid. I’d give it five tacos if these limits were expanded out to 30 minutes otherwise this is only mildly useful for me.” – Appsumo reviewer
  • Cannot believe how fun and easy this is – we are constantly looking for music for NGO videos. The best part is takes about 30 second to figure out. The UI is cool and feels, well, like Japan. Absolutely love this tool – and have to admit I spent way too much time playing with it. So rare that a tool like this comes along.” – aquaskaya (Appsumo)
  • This is a neat program. Making the initial creations is super easy. It sure is convenient to have royalty free music readily available without paying per track, having to credit a track to your video, or having a RF subscription service. You do get to customize tracks to length up to 5 minutes as well as the general vibe. When selecting corporate it really does have a corporate vibe” – miller.keith (Appsumo)


  • Lifetime access to SOUNDRAW
  • All future Lifetime Plan updates
  • No codes, no stacking—just choose the plan that’s right for you


  • Note: Music cannot be registered with the YouTube content ID
  • Note: You cannot resell or distribute music to streaming platforms such as Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, SoundCloud, etc.
  • The maximum download limit is 50 songs per day


Whether you’re a seasoned musician or someone who’s just getting started, Sounddraw.oi is a great way to create and share your tunes with the world. Soundraw is a one-stop shop for all of your sound needs. Give them an opportunity to show you what they’ve got going on by giving this blog post a read!

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