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How Can You Build One Predictable Pipeline This Quarter

We'll create a predictable system that will bring you a consistent volume of leads from your best content.

Get Leads on Demand

How it Works

We'll do all the work. You'll barely lift a finger.

1. Pre-Launch
We'll take your best content to curate and understand your target customer profile.

2. Branded Product Page
We'll then create a custom page featuring your best content to generate leads.

3. Promotions
You'll receive notifications to promote your content and get new leads-on-demand through our partner network.

This is great if:

  • You're constrained on resources.
  • You just want the end result.
  • You have at least 1 SDR for outreach.
  • You want at least 1 repeatable & predictable campaign this year.

This is not great if:

  • Your average deal size is under $5,000.
  • You're not able to handle new leads.
  • You need to prospect outside the US.
  • Your marketing budget is under $5,000/month.

Your Branded Learning Center

We autogenerate a content library from your resource center.


  1. Focus on content production so you can continue to educate your prospects.
  2. Reduce working with multiple media publishers to generate leads. No more back-and-forth I/Os, negotiations, campaign setup, etc.
  3. It's all done-for-you.

Your Custom Landing Page

Once a user shows interest in your content, they will submit their information through a custom form.

Save Money and Time

MQLs On-Demand

Get leads whenever a prospects downloads and engages with your content.

SEO Traffic

Leverage our site to augment and diversify your reach in search marketing. 

Demo Request Intros

Get opportunities when a meeting request is made from your branded center.

Newsletter Sponsorship

Get promoted in front of 25k+ decision makers from leading companies & startups. 

Private Opportunities

From our network of 20+ vetted publishing partners. 


Get a private leads database in Airtable with on-going intent signals. 

Custom Content Center

Get a curated resource center with your best content to educate qualified prospects.

Intent signals 

Get engagement signals whenever your target account is viewing your page. 

Social Promotions

Get inclusion in our weekly content promotions on Linkedin. 

Your Return on Investment

Closing at least one deal per quarter will allow you to quickly payback your investment.


$ 1,097 per Year
  • - For new companies that are just getting started
  • - Branded content resource page
  • - All leads & traffic from your page
  • - 1 sponsorship in our newsletter
  • - Access to our leads-on-demand partner network
Most Popular


$ 3,267 per Year
  • - Everything in Startup plan plus...
  • - 50 on-demand leads from your page
  • - Get featured in our newsletter of 25k+ readers
  • - Custom database in Airtable
  • - Inclusion in our Linkedin promotions


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  • - Everything in the Growth plan plus...
  • - 500 Custom leads-on-demand campaign with any of your existing or upcoming content

Let's do the math.

What is the true cost of running marketing? Building pipeline is tough and expensive. Sometimes you're just looking for an outcome, not another quarter of inefficient activities. Over the past decade, software companies have been loose with funding and incentivized on unnatural growth opportunities. As a result, this led to many inefficiencies within sales and marketing. It's time to get back to being operationally efficient with customer acquisition. 

Traditional Way - Status Quo

  • Jr. Demand Generation average salary $100,000. (Non-coastal)
  • Time to onboard agencies & new marketing hires: 3 months.
  • Cost range to run Adwords: $30k - $100k/month.
  • Cost range for agencies to create and manage campaigns: $5k/month - $60k/month (Not including ad spend)
  • Average cost per lead on Linkedin: $260
  • Average cost per lead on Capterra campaign: $275
  • Average cost to run G2 campaign: $20k-$60k per year

SoftwareApplication Way - Modern

  • Performance based.
  • No fluffy, unpredictable campaigns.
  • Average CPL $70-$80 (Historic average)
  • Predictable and repeatable campaigns on-demand.
  • Instantly activate a new or existing campaign when you need to boost pipeline.
  • Fast onboarding.
  • Immediate campaign launches.
  • Cancel anytime. No long-term commitment.

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