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Pipefy is the low-code process automation platform that helps businesses optimize their processes for teams in HR, Procurement, Customer Ops, IT and more. Pipefy’s workflow automation and a low-code framework make it easy for businesses to achieve stack extensibility and process excellence.

Today, Pipefy is used in over 150 countries by companies of all sizes and leading enterprises such as Visa, IBM, Volvo and Kraft Heinz.

Increase efficiency and integrate end-to-end operations on a secure, low-code workflow and business process automation (BPA) platform



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How GE Healthcare Improved CSAT Rates with Pipefy

"Pipefy has empowered our managers. Now, they can see exactly how teams and individuals are performing.” - Ilyana Nazirah Rozaini, Digitization Program Specialist.

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How Coplacana Went From Manual Processes to Digital Systems

Pipefy gave us a more assertive way to manage process flows, offering visibility of all responsible parties.. -Claudio Rossi, Chief Financial Officer at Coplacana

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How Bloomin’ Brands Boosted their Back-Office Operations

With Pipefy, we found the solution to centralize and efficiently manage a high flow of important information inside the company."  - Frank Wundheiler, Vice President of Finance

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Business Process Automation Software

Business process automation (BPA) software unlocks business agility and paves the way for co-creative partnerships with IT. Build, automate, and optimize any process or workflow with a secure, easy-to-use visual interface.

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Workflow Software for Every Team

Easily create, automate, and modify any type of workflow. Pipefy’s intuitive visual interface lets teams build workflows that improve efficiency and get more from their apps.

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An Introduction to Low-Code Platforms

Low-code software is at the forefront of a movement that helps users without coding experience build applications and workflows that solve problems and increase productivity.

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