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Top 7 OpenSea Alternatives and Competitors (NFT Marketplaces)

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Opensea was one of the foremost Ethereum-based NFTs marketplaces, it had room for improvement and as time rolled on, others sprung up in its wake and offer diversity enough to cater to the needs of many. This post will cover 7 other marketplaces that serve as sufficent Opensea alternatives.


Rarible: OpenSea Alternatives and Competitors
With Rareible, digital artists and creators can create and sell custom crypto assets that represent ownership. 

If you’re looking for a comprehensive digital NFT marketplace, Rarible is a great alternative for OpenSea. The site divides its NFTs into subcategories including domains, games, music, and photography. The platform allows you to buy, sell, and create all kinds of art, videos, collectables, and music. Rarible, the marketplace’s own token, will be required to buy and sell on the market, unlike OpenSea.

Features of Rarible

  • The lazy minting function in Rarible allows users to create NFTs without spending a penny upfront.
  • Ease of use: The Rarible platform is simple to use and welcoming to new users. New users can easily buy or sell NFTs by connecting their crypto wallets. It’s simple to look through the NFTs that are available by using filters or by following your favourite musicians.
  • Despite being free and open-source, it is also completely secure.
  • Offers a direct messaging service that enables communication between creators and users.
  • Producing or minting NFTs can be expensive, especially for Ethereum. In order to avoid these fees, creators can use Rarible’s lazy minting feature.

Pricing and Fees of Rarible


  • An advantage of using Rarible is the ability to choose the percentage of royalties you want to receive on future sales of your artwork, up to 50%. 
  • Extremely easy to mint.
  • Provides artists with the opportunity
  • To report fraud while securing and protecting their works.
  • It is important that artists continue to earn money from their sold NFTs through a solid royalty system.


  • Although there isn’t a dedicated mobile app, you can access it through your browser on a mobile device if your mobile wallet is compatible.
  • The process of creating a wallet with Rarible is time-consuming.


SuperRare: OpenSea Alternatives and Competitors
Using SuperRare, anyone can become an art collector. 

Similar to Rarible, one of our Opensea Alternatives, SuperRare is creating a marketplace for digital artists. The website sells artwork together with movies and 3D visuals, but Ethereum is an option for art buyers. In order to appear on the platform, every artist and creator is strictly evaluated by the SuperRare curation team.

Features of SuperRare

  • On the art-focused site SuperRare, users can mint, purchase, sell, and display NFTs.
  • NFT transactions at SuperRare are only processed on Ethereum. 
  • MetaMask, Fortmatic, and Wallet Connect are three of the most popular Ethereum wallets supported by SuperRare.
  • As a DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organization, SuperRare gives community members voting rights.

Pricing & Fees of SuperRare


  •  You might want to check out SuperRare if you’re a seasoned collector looking for fine art pieces; it considers itself a curator.  
  • Even for those unfamiliar with cryptocurrency, the website is easy to navigate.


  • It is impossible for just everyone to profit from SuperRare. In order to become a creator on the platform, you must either accept an invitation or complete a long application process.
  • High primary sales fee.

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Foundation: OpenSea Alternatives and Competitors

Foundation is a digital art marketplace for producers and collectors who are passionate about digital art. In this marketplace, you can find a wide variety of fine art NFTs and each sale guarantees royalty payments to the original artists.

Features of Foundation

  • An excellent resource for finding new artists and events.
  • Foundation is built on Ethereum, the most popular blockchain for NFTs.
  • Metamask and WalletConnect are supported by Foundation. Over 100 different blockchain wallets are available through WalletConnect, including TrustWallet, AlphaWallet, and LedgerWallet.  
  • During the live auction, users can submit bids on the objects being sold.

Pricing & Fees of Foundation


  • Foundation is one of the greatest possibilities if you’re seeking art NFTs. This market draws tens of thousands of artists because of its emphasis on digital art.
  • The design of Foundation is on par with what one would expect from a digital art gallery. There aren’t a lot of options and it’s simple.


  • While Foundation charges a 5% marketplace fee, some of its rivals charge only 2.5%.
  • You need Ethereum to make purchases on the Foundation NFT marketplace


Mintable: OpenSea Alternatives and Competitors

Another platform that lets you buy, sell, trade, and mint NFTs and is an OpenSea alternative is Mintable. On Mintable, you can find a wide variety of categories, including art, games, music, and antiques. Fiat money can now be used with Mintable since USD support has been added.  

Features of Mintable

  • As a form of payment, users can choose between USD and ETH
  • A user-friendly interface makes the website easy to use 
  • There is a 10% charge for gasless and printable items
  • Direct access to Discord chat

Pricing and Fees of Mintable


  • Easy to understand and use
  • A wide range of NFTs
  • View the NFT value in USD and ETH.
  • Freely create and list NFTs


  • The transaction fee is relatively high
  • Only Ethereum can be used to make purchases
  • Android and iOS apps don’t exist
  • Wallets that support dApps are the only ones supported


Solsea: OpenSea Alternatives and Competitors

Developers can choose and attach licenses when they mint NFTs in Solsea, the first and largest NFT market on Solana. Users of the application can alter and improve their favourite NFT drops in addition to following upcoming drops. Peer-to-peer transactions are made possible by Solsea members’ ability to list their NFT both privately and publicly.

Features of Solsea

  • Creators can include licenses in NFTs.
  • A calendar shows the future PFP and NFT dips of Solana Trades in cryptocurrency
  • .A variety of wallets are supported, including Phantom, Sollet, and Solflare.

Pricing of Solsea


  • Low cost per transaction
  • NFTs can be listed by sellers both privately and publicly.
  • Quick and inexpensive minting technique.


  • Verifying collectables is really challenging.


KnownOrigin: OpenSea Alternatives and Competitors

SuperRare can be compared to it because both offers curated, hand-selected digital content. It is thanks to known origins that digital artists can validate, display, and sell their creations. Due to the lack of volume on the platform, KnownOrigin isn’t an ideal choice if you want to hold onto NFTs for a long time.

Features of KnownOrigin

  • To purchase NFTs, you can use a debit or credit card.
  • Images that can be linked to the gallery
  • The Formatic, MetaMask, and WalletConnect modules are supported
  • Artists can print NFTs on this dedicated website
  • Collections and content curated by curators

Pricing of KnownOrigin


  • There is little chance of running into spam or fraudulent accounts on NFT since the art is curated for the platform.
  • A creator earns 12.5% of the secondary sale of their NFT created using the platform – a 2.5% upgrade over OpenSea.


  • KnownOrigin is only accessible via a browser.
  • The creator application process is now closed, and no information is available about when it will reopen.

Axie Infinity Marketplace

One of the most popular crypto video games has its own NFT marketplace: Axie Infinity Marketplace. NFTs can be purchased and sold for creatures, items, and lands in Axie Infinity.  

Features of Axie Infinity

  • There is a marketplace on the Axie Infinity website where you can purchase and sell gaming NFTs. Among them are the game’s axes, critters, digital terrains, items, and collections of goods.
  • Axie Infinity Marketplace relies on Ethereum’s blockchain.
  • There is only one wallet supported on the Axie Infinity Marketplace: Ronin Wallet. You must download the platform in order to conduct transactions.

Pricing of Axie Infinity


  • Buy and sell gaming NFTs
  • Earn cryptocurrency rewards
  • No buyer’s fee


  • Only offers one type of NFT
  • High seller’s fee
  • Requires multiple wallets


This list includes 7 platforms in addition to the Opensea NFT market that you may want to be aware of if you wish to make, buy, or mint your own NFT. Investigate your choices and select the one that best suits you. If your top choice isn’t on the list, feel free to specify which ones they are in the comments.

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