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Top 5 Software to Monitor Employees & Enhance Productivity


Monitoring your employees’ productivity is an important part of running a successful business. Being able to keep track of how productive your employees are can help make sure that tasks are being completed on time, goals are being met, and everyone is staying on task. But what tools can help you monitor employee productivity? Here’s a look at the top five software tools businesses can use to monitor employee productivity.

1. DeskTime

A time tracking software with additional workforce management features that will help you to monitor employees

DeskTime is an ideal resource for managers striving to boost their team’s performance and maintain control of computer usage. Thanks to its real-time data gathering capabilities, it offers incomparable visibility into the activities that employees engage in while they are at work – from time spent on unproductive tasks like social media to essential programs used for professional duties.

Benefits of DeskTime

  • Maintain a record of how much time you spend on various projects, desktop apps, and websites.
  • Find out who consistently underperforms and who are the top performers.
  • Scheduling and tracking employee attendance is managed by you.
  • Using your tracked time, generate accurate invoices.

Plan & Pricing of DeskTime

Pros of DeskTime

  • Automatic Time Recording.
  • Invoicing functionality.
  • Calendar functions include.
  • URL, app, and document tracking.

Cons of DeskTime

  • Limited reporting
  • Only XLS export; no CSV
  • No shift scheduling

2. TimeDoctor

Time Doctor is a cloud-based time tracking and management software used by businesses to monitor employees productivity. 

Coming in at a close second for software to monitor employees is TimeDoctor. This powerful tool assists managers in monitoring their employees’ work progress and performance. It keeps a record of each task or project completed by an employee, capturing screenshots to provide complete visibility into the actual activity during any given period – giving employers greater control over workflow efficiency.

Benefits of TimeDoctor

  • Provides insight into the productive and unproductive times of the day.
  • Tracks the websites and apps that are visited and used during work hours.
  • Giving employees the freedom to manage their time in order to increase productivity.
  • Assisting employees with scheduling and attendance tracking. When employees are late, notify managers.

Plans & Pricing of TimeDoctor

Pros of TimeDoctor

  • Easy to use
  • Detailed reporting
  • Automated timesheets

Cons of TimeDoctor

  • Ineffective user interface
  • Idle time alerts can be annoying.
  • There are numerous issues with Linux and macOS apps.

3. RescueTime

 RescueTime is a time management and analytics tool that enables knowledge workers to better understand their daily habits
Time management and analytics tool that enables knowledge workers to better understand their daily habits

RescueTime software is a helpful tool to employers, it tracks and monitor which websites and applications employees use on their work devices. This information can help employers see if people are using their time at work effectively. RescueTime software also provides reports on employee activity over select periods of time. This way, employers can quickly identify any problems and find solutions.

Employers can use RescueTime software to create an environment where employees are as productive as possible.

Benefits of RescueTime

  • It uses a time-tracking system with automatic time editing, an app, a website, and the ability to track time offline
  • This tool reports with eye-catching graphics, goal setting, and visualisations of productive and inefficient activities
  • It has a feature that monitors your monitor idle time, blocks distractions, enhances focus, and blocks distractions.
  • Time tracking, application monitoring, and call monitoring for mobile devices

Plans & Pricing of RescueTime

Pros of RescueTime

  • The mobile app is flawlessly integrated with the web and desktop apps.
  • It provides a pulse of productivity for self-gamification.
  • The focus time block distraction aids in maintaining consistency in work.

Cons of RescueTime

  • Its UI is very complicated and there are no help videos or tips.
  • It’s not enough to use the free tool, and paying for it is expensive.

4. Toggl

Full-featured time tracking software to monitor employees
Full-featured time tracking software to monitor employees

Toggl is a software to monitor employees, it helps you track how much time someone spends on a task. It also tells you which tasks take up the most amount of time. This way, you can understand what to do first to make people more productive.

Benefits of Toggl

  • Idle time is detected and tracked.
  • Users can set a Pomodoro timer.
  • Set up alerts to notify you when projects run over their deadlines.
  • Integrates with applications such as Freshbooks, Asana, and Basecamp.

Plan & Pricing of Toggl

Pros of Toggl

  • Support is provided for all platforms.
  • Features such as reports and the Pomodoro Timer are available
  • View of the calendar, reminders
  • A variety of applications can be integrated

Cons of Toggl

  • Expensive fees.
  • A restricted number of tags.
  • The buttons are not very user-friendly.

5. Teramind

Teramind offers cloud-based and on-premises employee monitoring services. The software can block certain user activity, track keystrokes and remotely access employee devices.
Teramind offers cloud-based and on-premises employee monitoring services. The software can block certain user activity, track keystrokes and remotely access employee devices.

If you want to find software that will help you keep track of what your employees are doing, then Teramind is a great choice. It’s a safe and secure way to make sure that your confidential information stays hidden from view. With keystroke logging, website filtering and email tracking, Teramind allows you to control desktop user activity in real-time. This means that only authorized personnel will have access to your data at all times. If security is a top priority for you, then Teramind is the right software for you!

Benefits of Teramind

  • Tracking and accessing privileged employee activities with ease. 
  • Monitoring remote teams and their tasks, creating customizable reports, productivity levels and app usage. 
  • Understanding user anomalies and uncovering potential threats to the organization.

Plans & Pricing of Teramind

Pros of Teramind

  • Comprehensive set of tracking tools
  • Intuitive UI and dashboard
  • Unique live session viewing and video recording

Cons of Teramind

  • In-depth monitoring features can be complicated


Monitoring your staff’s productivity is essential if you want your business to thrive! With these 5 tools, you will get real-time insights into your staff’s performance so you can make informed decisions about how best to manage resources and ensure maximum efficiency across your team! Give one (or more) of these powerful tools a try today.

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