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MindTickle – Overview, Features, & Competitors

App Summary:Combines sales enablement, content management, conversation intelligence, sales training, and manager-led coaching.
Founders:Deepak Diwakar, Krishna Depura, Mohit Garg, Nishant Mungali
Employees Count:501-1000
Headquarters:San Francisco, California, United States
Total Funding:$281.3 Million
Similar Software:Allego, SalesHood and Salesforce Enablement
Industries:Enterprise Sofware, SaaS, Sales Automation
Socials:LinkedIn Facebook Twitter

What Is MindTickle

Are you wanting to build more effective teams and collaborations? If so, MindTickle may be the right choice for your needs. In this article, we’ll cover a brief overview of MindTickle’s capabilities including features that make it unique, considerations around who should use its services and how others have maximized their experience with them. An informed decision is moments away!

MindTickle is an innovative platform that equips businesses with powerful tools to help build cohesive and collaborative teams. With this tool, employees are empowered by access to training resources allowing them to excel in their work while becoming increasingly engaged.

These tools include virtual classrooms, mentor programs, online quizzes, gamification and more. The platform also offers analytics tools so that managers can track the progress of their teams over time.

Who Needs MindTickle

MindTickle provides detailed analytics reports on each employee's progress within the system
MindTickle provides detailed analytics reports on each employee’s progress within the system

MindTickle is perfect for any company that wants to maximize engagement and collaboration between employees. With its simple-to-use platform, large teams or those spread out across multiple locations can quickly stay connected – no matter how far apart they may be!

Furthermore, MindTickle is an excellent tool for businesses that want to track their employees’ performance over time. Sellers receive ongoing training, content, and enablement in addition to training and coaching to ensure they remember and apply what they’ve learned.

Top Features Of MindTickle

MindTickle helps you focus on your team's sales training and coaching needs with comprehensive readiness solutions.
MindTickle helps you focus on your team’s sales training and coaching needs with comprehensive readiness solutions.
  • Virtual Classrooms This feature allows users to create virtual classrooms where they can host live or pre-recorded sessions with their team members. The virtual classroom also has interactive whiteboards, breakout rooms and video conferencing capabilities.
  • Mentor Programs This feature allows users to set up mentor programs within their organization so that experienced employees can help new hires learn the ropes faster.
  • Online Quizzes With this essential feature, users are now empowered to design unique quizzes that gauge their teams’ knowledge on any topic. Whether they want a quiz tailored for beginners or experts, the customizability ensures it’s made just right!
  • Gamification – This feature helps make learning fun by allowing users to add game elements into their training sessions such as leaderboards and achievements.
  • Content management is centralised, and content insights are provided to personalise materials in order to mimic winning strategic approaches.
  • AI provides feedback on tone, sales opportunities, and future insights after recording phone calls and interactions.
  • Identifies winning behaviours among sales representatives across the company in order to recommend skill development and training.
  • Analyzes real-world data to recommend appropriate training and role-playing exercises to improve the sales approach.

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Getting Started with MindTickle

Kick off your team’s training with MindTickle quickly and easily! Sign up for an account, then create custom programs that fit the needs of everyone on the team. Don’t have time to craft something from scratch? Check out MindTickle library filled with pre-made content ready for use.

Ensure you invite your colleagues so they can get energizing their learning journey without delay!

Plans & Pricing of MindTickle


What are the top features of MindTickle?

Microlearning, Gamification and Skill certification are some of the top features of MindTickle.

What is MindTickle used for?

MindTickle is a Sales Training and Onboarding Software mainly used by its customers to Ramp Up Sales New Hires Quickly and Adopt Sales Best Practices by Training & Onboarding, Sales Coaching and Courses & Assessment.

Is MindTickle a unicorn company?

Yes! Mindtickle is the eighth Indian SaaS startup to enter the unicorn club after Freshworks, Druva, Icertis, Postman, Zenoti, Chargebee and BrowserStack.

MindTickle Reviews

There are many positive reviews about MindTickle from those who have used it. Here are just a few examples:

  • In my experience, this has been a very helpful product, and I have already recommended it to friends. It helps me keep up with the various product-related changes; I am able to understand concepts more quickly; and I also find it helpful during my onboarding process. Due to remote work, I have the opportunity to relearn products and love following the content uploaded by my employer. Mindltickle is a perfect tool to help employees learn with easy and at the comfort & pace their are accustomed to.” – Tonmoy
  • “In my company, we use it as a knowledge sharing platform for our sales team as well as dealers. Certification programmes can also be executed on this portal. It has been a delightful experience working with the Mindtickle team.” – Priyanka
  • “Its very much helpfull to use Mindtickle as an one stop website for tracking the progress for my career development and learning new modules.” – Akhil

Pros & Cons of MindTickle


  • Using the same platform, we can access all the information we need and complete the training we need. In terms of training, it is easy to provide continuity
  • There is a lot of information in this content, and the modules used are designed in a very unique way. Aside from that, the portal has a very user-friendly interface.
  • It has a friendly and interactive quiz module. It can be used on a mobile device, a computer, or a laptop. Very user-friendly software that provides the links that are needed for presentations.


  • “I don’t like getting penalized when I select the wrong answer on a multiple-choice question.”
  • “Uploading a video was difficult because I had to figure out how to format the size.”
  • “It doesn’t seem intuitive that accidentally clicking the wrong response before clicking next would automatically deduct points.”

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MindTickle is an incredibly useful tool for businesses looking for a comprehensive online learning platform. Its wide range of features make it simple and easy for companies to create custom training programs tailored specifically to their needs while still providing all the resources necessary for success.

Whether you want pre-made content or want to create something yourself, MindTickle makes it possible! If you’re looking an efficient way to train your team, then consider giving MindTickle a try today!

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