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Introducing Logentries: Log Management & Analysis Platform

CEO:Andrew Burton
Headquarters:Boston, Massachusetts
Last Updated: 2022

What Is Logentries?

Real-time analytics and log management software for the cloud called Logentries, enables business operations, IT, and development teams of all sizes to get business insights from machine-produced log data. In order to communicate the value of log-level data to its community of over 35,000 users globally, the program provides an open API and wide platform support.

Traditional analytics and log management technologies are expensive to set up and require a high level of technical expertise to operate. The Logentries platform is an excellent alternative to such systems since it manages large amounts of data, illustrates crucial insights, and automates in-depth reporting and analytics for its global user community. Whether the data is in cryptic plain text or structured JSON, it’s simple to submit to Logentries for a quick search. The search on Logentries is now 300 times quicker than it was before. More quickly than ever, users can search using keywords, key-value pairs, or regex patterns.

Who Benefits From Using Logentries?

The platform has enormous potential for business use. They can quickly add, remove, and update work records thanks to it. The product from LOGENTRIES performs best when it gives organizations a platform for their employees to use to manage their workload.

Features of Logentries

Logentries helps you find answers in seconds by searching, aggregating, and visualizing log data from any location.
By automating the collection of log data in any format, Logentries helps you find answers in seconds by searching, aggregating, and visualizing log data from any location.

Real-time search

Searching and monitoring in real-time allows you to get quick answers to events in your log as they happen. Among the features are context view, personalized tags, and live-tail search aggregated by the company.

Scale on demand

Dynamically adapt and scale your infrastructure no matter where it is located, what format it is in, or what volume of data it contains. Furthermore, you can search and centralize across servers, hosts, and apps. Platforms such as cloud, containers, and on-premises can be supported by the program. All platforms are supported, and there are no automated overage fines.

Visualization and Analytics

By using log data, you can identify trends across your platforms and connect events. A range of features is provided (LEQL), including visual dashboards, RegEx support, and SQL-like Query Language.

Alerting and Reporting

Whenever something critical fails or changes, you’ll be the first to know, In a matter of seconds, real-time alerts and messages are sent out by the system. Among its features are:

  • Pattern-Based Alerts: Get notifications when certain patterns are found in your logs. You have control over how frequently and how many times a pattern must be seen before an alarm is generated.
  • Inactivity Alerts: Find out when a planned task or expected event doesn’t happen. Inactivity alerts let you know right away when anything doesn’t go according to plan.
  • Anomaly Detection: Your log behaviour is continuously examined by Logentries. You will be informed whenever something strange happens or the behaviour of the system changes thanks to anomaly detection. The events that Logentries analyzes and the alert thresholds are completely under your control.
  • Team-Wide Notifications: How useful are alerts if your team doesn’t know about them? Slack, HipChat, and PagerDuty are just a few of the team communication apps that Logentries works with. For more integrations, you can also send notifications through webhooks.

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You can also meet compliance requirements with Logentries, which prioritizes security. In addition to user access restrictions, you get;

  • Data Filtering & Obfuscation: What data is sent to Logentries is entirely under your control. Prior to sending certain data to Logentries, you can filter out sensitive information or set certain data to hash values using the Logentries DataHub.
  • Data Lock Browser Extension: Authorized users can reveal hashed values from their browser using Logentries’ Data Lock Chrome Browser Extension without ever letting sensitive information leave their local environment.
  • TLS encryption to ensure your data is safe and secure.
  • PCI Compliance: Thanks to our log aggregation, search, alerting, retention and data obfuscation tools, Logentries can help you meet your log-related PCI standards.
  • Automated S3 Archiving: Send log files to an Amazon S3 bucket automatically for long-term archival. You can re-ingest data kept in S3 using Logentries DataHub at any time.

API & Integrations

Automate reports, alerts, user management, integrations, and more with Logentries’ REST API.

  • Automate & Extend with Robust APIs: REST Query API, REST User Management API and REST Alerting API
  • Export to Visualize & Amplify Log Data: Export real-time log data to cloud services like Hosted Graphite, Geckoboard, Kafka and others with LeExportPy.
  • Increase Efficiency with LE CLI: Logentries Command Line Interface (CLI) lets you run the program without any limits. With the CLI, you can access all of Logentries’ REST APIs.
  • Integrate with Tools You Already Use: Team workflow tools such as Slack and PagerDuty can send Logentries alerts in real-time so that your team can respond as soon as possible.

Universal Platform Support

  • Your log collection will be simplified and automated with Logentries’ agent, which supports Linux, Windows, Mac, CoreOS, and SmartOS.
  • Integrates with platforms such as AWS, Azure, Heroku, Docker, Fastly and more for easy logging.
  • One of Logentries’ many libraries makes it possible to log directly from your application. All popular languages, like Java, Ruby, and .NET are supported.

Plans & Pricing of Logentries


  • Logentries helps you to identify when issues are going to occur before you hear about them from your end users. You get alerted that services have suddenly stopped logging, for example, we can quickly drill down to resolve the problem or prepare to manage it efficiently.
  • Logentries Mobile app insight gives you deep visibility into any issues that occur in your apps across all mobile platforms.
  • Logentries provides out-of-the-box tagging and alerting to highlight and notify you when an important security event takes place
  • Logentries enables you to easily search and filter to cut down to the essential pieces of information you need when debugging an issue.


  • It can be difficult to set up and configure. Logentries requires a lot of initial setup in order to work properly, and this can be time-consuming and complicated for users who are not familiar with the tool.
  • Logentries can be expensive to use, especially for businesses that have a large volume of log data
  • Logentries is not always reliable, and it has been known to experience downtime or other issues that can impact its performance.

Alternatives to LOGENTRIES

Yes, there are a number of alternatives to LOGENTRIES, including:

How can I contact LOGENTRIES?

You can contact LOGENTRIES by:

– Email:

– Phone: (888) 992-8729

– Web:


Logentries is a great tool for understanding your website traffic and errors. It also helps with debugging by providing you with the necessary information to fix any errors on your website.

We hope that this article has helped you understand what Logentries is, how it works, and why you should be using it. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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