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Are you curious about the world of AI and its potential to transform industries? Look no further than Orca AI – an innovative company that is making waves in this exciting field. Founded in (year), Orca AI has quickly established itself as a leader in the space, with cutting-edge solutions powered by artificial intelligence. In this blog, we will delve into the details of Orca AI’s journey so far, including their current stage, total raised funds, latest raised amount, and more. We’ll also explore their headquarters location and take a closer look at their impressive product demos and case studies. With expert collections, research containing Orca AI’s solutions, and patents and innovations to boot, it’s clear that this company is one to watch in the world of AI. Join us as we dive into the fascinating world of Orca AI!

Founded Year of Orca AI

Founded by former Israeli Navy officers in 2018, Orca AI develops advanced sensors and computer vision solutions for the maritime industry to enhance safety and efficiency.

Current Stage of Orca AI

By leveraging sensors, enhanced vision, and algorithms, Orca AI is developing an AI-powered platform for the maritime industry to provide actionable insights, alerts to avoid collisions due to human error and reduce operational costs.

Total Raised by Orca AI

With over $15 million raised from top VC firms and industry experts, Orca AI proves the growing demand for AI in maritime safety and efficiency.

Latest Raised Amount by Orca AI

Thanks to a recent funding of $13 million, Orca AI’s AI-powered maritime navigation system can now provide enhanced vision and predictive capabilities for the maritime industry. Using cutting-edge algorithms and sensors to analyze data points in real-time provides operation teams with actionable insights and alerts to avoid collisions. This validated technology is already being adopted by major shipping companies worldwide.

About Orca AI and its AI-powered Solutions

Advanced AI algorithms by Orca enable real-time actionable insights & alerts for operation teams in the maritime industry. Enhanced vision & sensors reduce human errors & collisions.

Headquarters Location of Orca AI

Located in a thriving technology hub in Tel Aviv, Orca AI benefits from global expansion opportunities.

Orca AI’s Product Demo & Case Studies

Orca AI’s platform enhances the maritime industry with actionable insights from sensors, data points, and algorithms. The technology reduces fuel consumption, detects potential hazards, and avoids collisions through enhanced vision.

ESPs containing Orca AI’s Solutions

Orca AI’s ESPs utilize algorithms and sensors to provide enhanced vision, alerts, and insights for the maritime industry, reducing fuel consumption and preventing collisions. (Total word count: 24; Secondary keyterms used: Orca AI, maritime industry, collisions, artificial intelligence, alerts, actionable insights, sensors)

Orca AI’s Product & Differentiators

Advanced algorithms power Orca AI’s customizable solution for collision detection, monitoring vessel traffic management, and actionable insights. Its user-friendly interface & enhanced vision minimize human error.

Research containing Orca AI’s Solutions

Orca’s innovative AI-powered solutions provide enhanced vision to operation teams in the maritime industry. Using sensors and data points, the platform offers real-time alerts and actionable insights to prevent collisions caused by human error.

Expert Collections containing Orca AI

Orca AI’s advanced algorithms analyze sensors and data points to provide actionable insights for operation teams. With a focus on enhancing safety in the maritime industry, their solutions offer vessel navigation enhancements and reduction of human error.

Orca AI Patents and Innovations

Using patented algorithms and advanced technology like computer vision and machine learning, Orca’s AI-powered solutions provide enhanced safety measures at sea by minimizing the risk of collisions caused by human error. By analyzing critical data points from a variety of sensors in real-time, Orca’s technology offers invaluable actionable insights for operation teams and provides ship captains with enhanced vision while navigating through complex maritime environments.


In conclusion, Orca AI is a leading-edge company in the field of AI-powered solutions. With its groundbreaking technology, it has proven itself in the market with its exceptional product offerings and expert collections. It is situated in Israel, one of the world’s most innovative countries that foster startups and new technologies. The company has raised millions of dollars to date and continues to grow and advance in its field. Want to know more about Orca AI’s products, differentiators, and research? Check out their website for a product demo, case studies, and patents.

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