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Open-source AI Is Overcoming Big Tech

Recent news of the platform Together raising a $20 million seed round is just another story highlighting the recent trend of open source beating out Big Tech. What does it mean if free-to-use tools are just as good as anything a Silicon Valley giant can create? And how will Big Tech claw its control back?

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Cool AI Software

  • Gamma: PowerPoint presentations have been a cornerstone of the business world since the early 1990s. Now, many developers are making AI-powered presentation programs — just like this one.
  • Rewind: Both extremely scary and exciting, this app records everything “you’ve seen, said or heard” and makes it all searchable. Not for people working with classified documents, to be sure, but an interesting tool to have.
  • Numerous: This is a plugin for Google Sheets that gives you AI right in the platform. It can automatically generate formulas, categorize items, and extract text. Plus, it throws ChatGPT into the spreadsheet for good measure.

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