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Cleverbot Alternatives: Top 5 AI ChatBots



Do you know about Cleverbot? If not, you’re going to meet one of the best AI chatbots around. It is computer software that converses with humans. You can ask it anything, and it will typically react with something amusing or caustic. As interesting as it is, there are other Cleverbot alternatives worth considering.

Here are five AI buddies worth your attention.

1. Dialogflow

Chatbots like Dialogflow are efficient alternatives to Cleverbot.
Chatbots like Dialogflow are efficient alternatives to Cleverbot.

To kick off and at the top of our Cleverbot alternative is Dialogflow. It’s easy to create, integrate, and customize conversational user interfaces into mobile apps, online applications, devices, bots, and interactive voice response systems using Dialogflow’s platform for natural language understanding.

Your product may be enhanced through Dialogflow in novel and exciting ways. In contrast, the chatbot handles the standard protocols and functionalities requiring in-depth grammar rules, so developers can focus on other relevant aspects of the creative process.

Features of dialogflow

  • Customer service agents using artificial intelligence (AI): interfaces can be developed so that customers can contact agents with inquiries, retrieve orders, make appointments, and request services.
  • Consumers can self-serve purchases and schedule deliveries using conversational commerce.
  • Developers save time by simplifying the coding process with Dialogflow. They are able to perform all code-related tasks within a built-in, inline code editor. Their agents can connect to their applications using cloud functions or on-premises connectivity.

Plans & Pricing

Pros/Positive Feedbacks

  • “It is now easy to make a natural language processing model without coding.”
  • “Overall the experience was good, because you can create whatever you want.”

Cons/Negative Feedbacks

  • “The management of permissions for allowing users to access agents is a little bit confusing.”
  • “Also, our developers thought the Dialogflow documentation around the Python SDK was limited in scope. It has limited examples of implementation, use cases are not diverse; and few tutorials on how to implement.”

2. Olivia

Olivia is a contextual chatbot built over an artificial neural network, another Cleverbot alternative
Olivia is a contextual chatbot built over an artificial neural network

Olivia is a chatbot created to simulate human dialogue. Unlike some chatbots, which can just create pre-programmed replies, this chatbot can have a meaningful conversation. This is due to its artificial intelligence engine, which is continually learning and improving from user interactions. As a consequence, Olivia is able to present each user with a unique and interesting experience.

Olivia is similar to a Cleverbot substitute in many aspects. Olivia, on the other hand, employs artificial intelligence to produce replies, as opposed to Cleverbot, which depends on algorithms. This means Olivia is always developing and getting more realistic. As a result, Olivia is fast becoming the go-to chatbot for people seeking an engaging and realistic conversational experience.


  • Cut time-to-hire in half with Conversational AI: You get to save yourself arduous hours talking and interviewing with Olivia’s conversational AI.
  • Alert and Notification
  • Candidate Management.
  • Compliance Management.
  • Employee Management.
  • Employee Referral Management.

Plans & Pricing

Pros/Positive Feedbacks

  • “This product is able to connect us with great talent on a daily basis. Since the product does the screening for you, you can be sure you will be taking the time to speak to a qualified candidate. We have had great success with hires using this platform. “
  • “We would like to use this platform as our main text communication platform with our applicants.” Olivia also gathers basic information about applicants, resumes, and answers questions.

Cons/Negative Feedbacks

  • “There have been times when Olivia struggles with applicant questions. When we see this our client rep always is able to help resolve it.”
  • “I wish there were more options of labeling a candidate in the CRM after the interview to show where they are at in the hiring process.”

3. Cliengo

Cliengo is a cutting-edge artificial intelligence chatbot that serves as an alternative to Cleverbot for businesses and websites. By delivering a natural, conversational interface, the chatbot is intended to boost customer engagement and provide assistance.

Cliengo uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to simulate chatting with real customer support professionals. The chatbot may undertake a variety of duties, from simple question answering to complicated customer assistance. Cliengo is always learning and developing, making it a must-have tool for any company looking to remain ahead of the competition.


  • It allows users to connect through different channels.
  • Customization: Allows administrators to adjust to fit their specific workflows. Custom objects, fields, rules, computations, and views may all be created.
  • The user can evaluate the performance of chatbots and track their dialogues.
  • The program is always accessible (has a high uptime) and helps users to finish work fast since they are not waiting for the software to reply to an action they performed.
  • Modifications to the CRM deployment can simply be created and tested by administrators. In a production environment, administrators can quickly migrate modifications after they are made.

Plans & Pricing

Pros/Positive Feedbacks

  • “It is amazing how well the chatbot works. The chatbot can be nearly completely customized to appear authentic, and it is quite simple to use. As a result, the new leads are well organized, meaning that you and your sales team will have no trouble getting a grip on any new customer opportunities.”
  • “It shows how many leads have been registered in the graph, along with the date and time. You may also select the merchant you wish to meet with via a tab. You may create a form on your website that will filter the information and immediately register you with Cliengo.”

Cons/Negative Feedbacks

  • “The CRM might use some improvement; it can be difficult to find prospects without having to move back and forth on the browser.”
  • “It should also be noted that Cliengo does not completely replace human attention. One of its strengths is its capacity to understand constraints and extract difficult challenges. It is critical to understand how to discriminate between boring and potentially automatable operations in order to save human effort for more complicated jobs.”

4. Chatbox

Chatbox is an artificial intelligence chatbot that can simulate human conversation. It is an alternative to Cleverbot and other similar chatbots, it’s programmed to understand natural language, so it can carry on a conversation with a human user in real-time.

It can also learn from its interactions, so it gets better at simulating human conversation over time. In addition, Chatbox can be used for educational purposes, such as teaching English to foreign students. Ultimately, this tool is fun and useful for anyone or businesses interested in chatbots or artificial intelligence.


  • It makes building a team faster
  • Chat data is automatically collected while the user is chatting. Utilize the data gathered to create more personalized experiences for your chatbot users.
  • Have access to all of your chatbot’s interactions with users. Allow yourself the opportunity to thoroughly examine each of them in order to properly comprehend how people engage with your AI agent.
  • Connect with customers across different platforms.
  • ChatBot’s open API and webhooks enable you to integrate with all of your organization’s technologies. Automate even more tasks to work smarter.

Plans & Pricing

Pros/Positive Feedbacks

  • “The BotEngine is very trustworthy. BotEngine was created by LiveChat (the industry’s most dependable chat program), which means it is a feature-rich tool with excellent dependability, dependable integration, and extensive reporting.”
  • “It works seamlessly with Facebook Messenger, Web Pages, Landing Pages, and other platforms. It’s simple to use and even includes design templates to get you started.”

Cons/Negative Feedbacks

  • “The Learning Academy and assistance topics will not prepare you to utilize this program. It took a lot of struggling to figure out what to do and how to teach the chatbot (and it still does).”
  • “Support is only available through email, would be extremely helpful to be able to get help in real-time.”

5. Onebot

Onebot is a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence that provides a more realistic conversation experience than its competitors. Cleverbot, for example, relies on pre-programmed reactions and frequently creates illogical outcomes.

Onebot, on the other hand, generates replies depending on the user’s input using specific algorithms. This enables more natural-sounding discussions, which frequently appear to be actual talks with another person. It may be used for fun or teaching, and a real robot version of the chatbot can be purchased. Onebot is a terrific alternative to explore if you’re searching for a fun chat buddy or a serious teaching tool.


  • A variety of interactive, changeable modules is available depending on the user’s needs and the unique flow of the discussion. In conjunction with the engine for customizing, it is completely automated.
  • AI-based conversational commerce: Using conversational commerce, customers can be gently reminded to complete the transaction, given a discount, and provided with the option of completing the transaction within the chat channel.
  • Make your own product configurator without writing a single line of code.

Plans & Pricing

Pros/Positive Feedbacks

  • “OneBot ensures genuine development potential, especially when linked with easy analytics and ticket management tools.”
  • “It is an incremental innovation without frills that will improve your present processes with a technological approach that is future-proof.”

Cons/Negative Feedbacks

  • “Could do better in terms responding to email.”


So there you have it, our top five alternatives to Cleverbot. All of these chatbots offer unique features and benefits, so be sure to try them all out and see which one works best for your needs. Do you have a favorite? Let us know in the comments. And don’t forget to check out our website for more great product recommendations!

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