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5 Best OKR Software Solutions for Small Businesses

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If you’re a small business owner looking to get organized and maximize your team’s efficiency, then you should consider using Objectives and Key Results (OKR) software. OKR software is an effective way to set, track, and measure goals so that your team can stay on track and reach their objectives.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the five best OKR software solutions for small businesses.

1. Asana

Asana is quickly becoming the best OKR software for small businesses
This intuitive platform provides a comprehensive suite of management tools to streamline Okr planning, implementation, and evaluation.

Asana is becoming a very popular OKR software for small businesses. This is because it is easy to use, and helps teams stay organized with built-in templates specifically designed to help set up Objectives & Key Results (OKRs). Asana also has real-time updates so everyone can see how well people are doing on their individual and team goals. With its flexible pricing options, Asana can be a great fit for any size organization who needs to track their objectives.

Benefits of using Asana

  • Keep track of your goals by setting them, assigning them, and tracking their progress.
  • Many integrations with Slack, Google Drive, Tableau, Salesforce, and Zapier are available.
  • Your employees’ progress can be tracked with these tools
  • You can automate based on your own rules with these tools.

Plans & Pricing of Asana

Pros and Cons of Asana

Asana is an increasingly popular tool for efficient collaboration, with great features allowing teams to work together on projects. However, it’s important that organizations do their research before using Asana as there are some drawbacks which may not fit the needs of certain businesses and individuals.


  • It has response filters, task comments, templates and subtasks. This will help users do projects in small pieces.
  • The tool is easy to use. You don’t need a lot of training to use well.
  • Asana has apps that people can use on their phones. That way, employees can stay connected even when they’re not at work.
  • Custom fields allow you to add more information to your tasks.
  • The workload feature lets you know how much bandwidth your team has.
  • Provides templates for company goals and team goals to assist you in getting started with your tasks.


  • Only the paid business plan includes the goals feature and the Salesforce integration.
  • The free plan only allows for 15 users per team.
  • It is not possible to assign tasks to multiple team members, which may complicate goal collaboration.
  • Asana can become overwhelming for smaller teams who don’t need all its features.
  • Asana’s user interface can be tricky to use. You have to make reports yourself instead of having them made automatically.
  • Asana is not the best choice for companies that want to grow a lot. It can do some things that are hard, but bigger companies need features that Asana does not have.

2. Weekdone

With Weekdone, small businesses can easily set OKRs and track their progress across the entire organization.
With Weekdone, small businesses can easily set OKRs and track their progress across the entire organization.

Weekdone is a good OKR software for small businesses. You can use it to see if you are doing well on your personal objectives. It also sends reminders to help you remember your tasks. This helps you and your team stay focused so that you can achieve your goals and grow your business.

Features of Weekdone

  • OKRs and weekly planning
  •  Conversations, Feedback, and Recognition (CFR)
  • Clear dashboards and progress breakdowns by user
  • True OKR alignment (top down or bottom up)
  • Company TV Dashboards and Custom Reports

Benefits of using Weekdone

  • Using Weekdone, you can stay on top of your team members’ PPP (plans, progress, and problems) and plan your work status. Your organization will also benefit from PPP reporting because it will allow you to keep track of your accomplishments.
  • The tool is easy to use. Employees can put their objectives and key results into the tool. They can check how they are doing at any time. And they can see team-wide goals in one place.
  • Discuss one-on-one or in groups with your team to support and guide them.
  • Encourage progress and boost morale by providing feedback and recognition
  • A weekly check-in to keep track of weekly activities to improve team visibility and interconnectedness

Plans & Pricing of Asana

Pros & Cons of Weekdone

Weekdone is a great solution for small businesses aiming to stay organized and on-track with their goals. It helps keep employees informed, making it easy for everyone to work together in one cohesive unit. Before jumping into using Weekdone however, it’s sensible to do some research into the pros and cons – as this simple step can be pivotal in granting success or inspiring failure!


  • Team members can visualize and contribute to important company goals with the goal hierarchy feature 
  • Keep track of everyone’s progress using real-time dashboards
  • View weekly team performance reports and trend reports using reporting and analytics
  • Feature for recording personal reminders in private notes


  • With the free plan, the software can be used by three people
  • It can be difficult to set up users and create teams
  • While you can set goals easily, creating specific OKRs can be a little more complicated


ZOKRI offers a suite of features including person-specific Okrs, keyword search, custom project fields, collaborative Okrs and so much more.

For small businesses looking for Okr software, ZOKRI is a great option. With its intuitive design and user-friendly interface, the Okr software makes it easier to make agreement between teams, link objectives to initiatives and align resources with strategic goals. On top of that, it comes with real-time notifications and team chat capabilities – giving users a comprehensive overview as well as total control over their Okr objectives throughout their entire organization. Get ready to elevate your business with ZOKRI now!

Features of ZOKRI

  • OKR Management
  • Performance Management 
  • Culture Management
  • Employee Development

Plans & Pricing of ZOKRI

Pros & Cons of ZOKRI

While this Okr software will definitely benefit many small businesses, it’s important to consider the pros and cons that come along with implementing it within your team before deciding if it’s the best solution for you.


  • You can send an email to support if you run into any problems while using the platform.
  • It is possible to add and remove users securely with SSO user management.
  • There is full integration with meeting management. Schedules and notifications are all covered.


  • Projects can be difficult to manage, and may become unmanageable if not done correctly.
  • The user interface is not always intuitive, making it hard for new users to understand how to use different functions available on the software.

4. Betterworks

With the help of regular goal setting and tracking of objectives, Betterworks ensures that businesses can stay on top of their performance metrics.

Betterworks is an award-winning cloud-based platform designed to help teams define, track, measure, and achieve their goals in real time. It features powerful analytics tools that make it easy to understand how well your team is doing at meeting its objectives, as well as collaboration tools such as discussion boards and chat rooms to foster better communication between team members about their goals.

Features of Betterworks

Goals & OKRs

The Betterworks Goals + OKRs system helps organizations stay on track. This system helps you set goals, plan better, and drive employee engagement. This makes sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to do.

Employee Engagement

Make sure your employees have a say. Use Betterworks Engage for easy-to-use employee engagement surveys. Get the information you need to make good decisions and prioritize an excellent experience for everyone on team.

Modern Performance Management

HR professionals trust this proven solution to foster increased employee engagement, optimize manager efficiency and drive business growth. Reap the rewards of an engaged workforce today!


Make the most of performance reviews and bolster employee engagement with regular, timely conversations. Shift your focus away from outdated systems to ensure meaningful check-ins that help foster growth.


A workplace is successful when people work together to help each other. Stakeholders, managers, and peers should encourage positive behavior, help employees learn new things, and build a foundation for strong collaboration.


Betterworks Calibration will help you see how your employees are doing. This will help you do a better job. The process is easy and fast, so you will have more time to help your employees succeed.


Betterworks helps your team stay connected. This means that everyone has the same information. Check-ins, feedback sharing, and goal setting are all in one place!

Betterworks API

The Betterworks API allows businesses to see their employees’ performance data more easily. This way, businesses can create better plans for managing their employee talent. They can also see how the business is doing in real-time.

Plans and Pricing of Betterworks


  • The goal setting feature allows supervisors to create goals tailored to their employees’ performance metrics.
  • The analytics feature lets supervisors track the progress of their employees along with their clarity of objectives.
  • The feedback management feature gives managers regular check-ins and meaningful insights into how their employees are understanding and interpreting expectations.


  • Betterworks can have a steep learning curve for those not used to managing goals online.
  • Customer service options are limited, and the user interface can be unintuitive and challenging to use.
  • Companies using Betterworks risk missing important deadlines and setting unrealistic expectations.

Despite these cons, Betterworks is still one of the most popular goal-setting systems because it can help increase productivity and engagement from employees when used correctly.

5. 15five 

The software is quickly becoming one of the best OKR software for small businesses

15five is an all-in-one performance management platform built around the concept of Objectives & Key Results (OKRs). It allows users to set individualized goals within the context of the entire organization’s mission statement, making it easier for employees to stay focused on what matters most—reaching companywide objectives together as a team! Plus, 15five includes AI-powered analytics tools so you can quickly get insights into how well your team is doing compared to other teams in the same industry or similar organizations worldwide!

Features of 15five

  • Make sure your team is aligned, focused, and engaged by setting OKRs
  • Project managers can monitor the moods of individuals and teams using heatmap dashboards 
  • Utilize detailed reporting insights to identify areas that need to be improved and areas that are performing well
  • Performance management and feedback management can be managed through this tool on a weekly basis

Plans & Pricing of 15five


  • OKRs can be created, tracked, and managed without disrupting employees’ workflows
  • Software for meeting agendas that help managers coach employees and provide OKR coaching notes
  • A detailed view of employee engagement can be achieved by distributing 30 evidence-based surveys to employees


  • No free plan is available for OKR’s premium features 
  • Dashboard experience with limited control
  • One-on-one meetings cannot be scheduled using Outlook’s calendar
  • Time tracking is not available in this tool

extra. Workboard

Workboard is a tool that helps you set goals for your work and shows you how you are doing. You can use it to create custom OKRs (goals) that are tailored to your specific needs. You can also get feedback from colleagues on your progress. Workboard also provides detailed analytics reports so managers can quickly see if teams are reaching their desired outcomes!

Features of Workboard

  • You can use these tools to communicate with your team.
  • Make sure each objective has measurable outcomes.
  • Reports key results to you on a quarterly basis.
  • It is possible for several team members to collaborate on the objectives since they have access to the data.

Plans & Pricing of Workboard


  • With Workboard, it’s easy to monitor an enterprise’s project progress in one place, making it easier for managers to understand what their teams are doing at all times.
  • Additionally, the platform integrates smoothly with other enterprise software like Salesforce or Slack for enhanced visibility and automated updates.


  • Workboard can be difficult to integrate with other workplace platforms.
  • Some users find Workboard hard to maneuver because of too many features and administration settings.
  • The mobile app’s user interface could use smoother transitions between tasks.


With these five best OKR software solutions for small businesses in mind, there’s no need for you to feel overwhelmed by goal setting anymore! Whether you’re just starting out with setting up your first objective or looking for ways to optimize existing ones—these platforms will have you covered every step of the way!

So don’t wait any longer—it’s time to start getting organized now! Try out one (or more!) of these top software solutions today and see just how much easier goal tracking becomes when you have the right resources at your fingertips!

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