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5 AI Recruiting Software to Optimize Your Talent Acquisition

The development of AI recruiting software has made the process of hiring new personnel much more simple and more effective. In the past, in terms of recruiting talent, artificial intelligence has completely changed the game. The manual review of resumes and applications, which takes time and is frequently erroneous, used to be a significant part of the hiring and onboarding of new employees. Here are five of the best AI-driven tools for talent acquisition in 2022:

1.Arya by Leoforce

Connecting you to candidates you'll love with an AI recruiting platform that finds top talents faster.
Connecting you to candidates you’ll love with an AI recruiting platform that finds top talents faster.

Arya is an AI recruiting software that helps organisations hire better candidates faster. The business has created a simple-to-use application that uses artificial intelligence to locate outstanding talent and put you in touch with coworkers you’ll adore.


  • By letting Arya handle everything, you can save time by not having to spend it looking through resumes.
  • The Talent Acquisition tool offers solutions to swiftly and easily uncover outstanding talent so you may concentrate more of your resources on conducting interviews.
  • Using this hiring program, locate individuals who have traits with your existing applicants and possess the talents you require.

Plans & Pricing – TALENT ACQUISITION TOOL (Arya)

Pros & Cons of Arya (Reviews)


  • “Working with Arya has been a pleasure. They have been very patient and understanding of our organization’s needs.”
  • “My searches are so much better tailored than other sites. I love the job post feature, the chat feature available 24/7, and my favourite: uploading a sample resume of your ideal candidate.”


  • But the service is very bad. The salesperson become very rude on the phone saying that I had reached out to them and therefore I had to comply with their rules and not expect any goodwill.”
  • “Stopped pulling in results, so I would recreate the search (with the exact same metrics) & be able to get more results that were not pulled the first time.”

2. HireEZ (previously Hiretual)

hireEZ is the Intelligent, End-to-End Outbound AI Recruiting Software.
hireEZ is the Intelligent, End-to-End Outbound AI Recruiting Software.

Hiretual is an AI recruiting software that helps recruiters find the best candidates for open positions. The company has helped more than 5,000 leading recruiting teams hire faster and wiser by sourcing qualified candidates from a diverse network of over 50 million resumes and profiles.


  • Identifying contacts with an 85 percent success rate ensures that you have the correct email addresses, phone numbers, and social media links.
  • With HireEZ, you can always access the most recent applicant data because they reject crowded data across all platforms you use.
  • There are no hidden costs or surprises with HireEZ, and you get everything you need to provide the best candidate experience.


Pros & Cons of Hire EZ (Reviews)


  • My recruiting team loves how easy it integrates with our ATS and the email campaigns make it easy to automate our sourcing efforts.”
  • “It is easy to use and delivers results. The AI tool is something I have not used before and it is great, like having my own sourcer.”


  • “There’s nothing that I can point to that I don’t like.”
  • “At first, the integration with my ATS didn’t come over as nicely but that has been fixed(whether from ATS or HireTual side unsure).”

3. TurboHire

Identify the best talent with 98% accuracy, improve interview processes 3X, and engage candidates across multiple channels.
Identify the best talent with 98% accuracy, improve interview processes 3X, and engage candidates across multiple channels.

To optimize the hiring process, TurboHire assists businesses with screening, interview scheduling, feedback, job marketing, and more. This Talent Acquisition software is a collaborative, data-driven hiring tool that helps recruiters hire top prospects by saving time, boosting productivity, and gathering in-depth applicant data.

Top Features of TurboHire (AI recruiting software)

  • Talent Discovery: TurboHire provides an easy way to manage all your sourcing activities in a single platform resulting in 2X more qualified candidates
  • Interview Automation: TurboHire makes it easy for interviewers and candidates to find the best time for interviews and eliminates the manual effort involved in scheduling.
  • Candidate Engagement: TurboHire provides an omnichannel approach to engage candidates at scale while tracking their activities.
  • Referrals & Internal Jobs: TurboHire streamlines the entire employee experience during the recruitment process while involving no-effort on recruitment teams by providing an integrated referral and IJP platform
  • Applicant Tracking: TurboHire provides a self-serve ATS that can be configured by recruitment teams to suit their recruitment workflows and optimize them over time
  • Agency Management: TurboHire provides an integrated agency management portal that easily allows your partners to contribute candidates, track their status and also manage your compliances
  • Requisition & Approvals: TurboHire provides a hiring manager login for easily creating requisitions, getting them approved, and also collaborating with recruiters in the screening process
  • Offer & Onboarding: TurboHire keeps the candidate at the center post the offer process and allows recruitment teams to get appropriate approvals
  • Reports & Dashboard: TurboHire packs the power of a full-blown reporting tool built for recruitment
  • Admin & Set-Up: TurboHire with its self-serve portal provides enormous powers to admins with full flexibility of user management, permissions, deployment, and more.

Plans & Pricing of TurboHire (AI recruiting software)

Pros & Cons of TurboHire (Review)


  • “Ease of use and tracking abilities for a resume.”
  • “The entire TurboHire team we have interacted with is very helpful.”


  • “Need a more simplified UX. There are a few flaws in the traces of the candidate, at times it is missing the content of who submitted the profile, is it the admin or the vendor.”
  • “If we are moving a candidate to the reject list. He is not getting any reject emails.”

4. Fetcher

The Fetcher platform automates repetitive recruiting tasks, including sourcing and candidate engagement.
The Fetcher platform automates repetitive recruiting tasks, including sourcing and candidate engagement.

Fetcher promotes inclusivity and diversity through automated hiring. Because of the internal staff’s data analysis, use of AI, and human and human monitoring, you will quickly have a diverse pipeline of qualified, interested prospects.

Benefits of Fetcher (AI recruiting software)

  • No more randomly sifting through resumes to determine which candidates to interview. Fetcher lets you spend less time on repetitive tasks so you can maximize your limited time.
  • Focus on your strengths when you’re feeling overburdened by the sheer volume of work that needs to be done.
  • By outsourcing time-consuming hiring tasks, you can free up more time for crucial tasks that will advance your business.

Plans & Pricing of Fetcher (AI recruiting software)

Pros & Cons of Fetcher (Review)


  • Customers give Fetcher good marks for its user-friendly interface, customer service, and support.
  • The majority of users rate Fetcher’s sourcing tool as one of the finest in the industry for connecting them with top candidates with specialized backgrounds and talents.
  • Customers rely heavily on Fetcher’s automated outreach functionality to send tailored emails and cold emails to prospective applicants.


  • Some customers claim that the program they are using has issues and difficulties.
  • Rarely, Fetcher may find candidates for a position that are either overqualified or underqualified. Users claim that their team quickly adjusts and tightens the search parameters in such circumstances.

5. Manatal

Linkedin and other job boards can be integrated seamlessly with Manatal, a sophisticated, easy-to-use, mobile-friendly, cloud-based applicant tracking system.
Linkedin and other job boards can be integrated seamlessly with Manatal, a sophisticated, easy-to-use, mobile-friendly, cloud-based applicant tracking system.

Manatal is a user-friendly Talent Acquisition tool designed to streamline and expedite the hiring process for HR departments and recruitment agencies. It has a wealth of cutting-edge and distinctive features, like a career page builder, AI-based candidate suggestions, candidate grading, social media enrichment, and many more.

Top Benefits of Manatal (AI recruiting software)

  • Easy-to-use recruitment software
  • Manatal AI Engine streamlines the hiring process by recommending the most qualified candidates for a certain position and automating unnecessary activities.
  • Obtain information beyond your resume. This AI recruiting software searches the web for information across more than 20 social media and open platforms to automatically enrich candidate profiles.

Plans & Pricing of Manatal (AI recruiting software)

Pros & Cons of Manatal (Review)


  • Manatal is reasonably priced and provides a 15-day free trial so consumers can try it out before committing.
  • Manatal may be used quite easily. It has candidate organization pipelines that are drag-and-drop compatible.


  • Manatal doesn’t offer a free plan. We mention this as a con as several SMB-geared ATSs do offer a free-forever version, and that puts Manatal slightly behind the competition. 


Artificial intelligence has been a game-changer in talent acquisition. These AI-driven tools will help make your recruiting process more efficient and accurate. Do you have any favourite AI-driven tools for talent acquisition? Let us know in the comments below!

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