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5 AI Data Analytics Tools To Skyrocket Your Business

ai data analytics

Using AI data analytics tools is one of the best ways to make informed decisions about your business, and as a business owner, you should never stop looking for ways to improve your company’s bottom line. If you are not familiar with “data analytics,” it is the process of collecting and analyzing data to gain insights that can help you make better business decisions. And one of the most effective ways to collect and analyze data is by using AI data analysis tools.

There are many AI data analytics tools available on the market, but which ones are the best? Here is a list of such data analytics tools that can help your business grow:

1. Albert AI – AI data analysis tool

AI Data Analytics Tools #1 - Albert AI: Albert processes data from a variety of sources..
Albert processes data from a variety of sources, including brand sources, creative sources, and channel or platform sources.

Through optimization and personalisation, Albert AI, your self-learning ally in digital marketing, addresses the major problems in digital advertising. The tool enhances the accuracy, intelligence, and efficiency of your marketing plan by leveraging big data analysis to run campaigns independently and utilizing its self-learning software.

With this data analysis tool, audiences and tactical data are analyzed at scale, budgets are allocated, and campaigns evolve across multiple channels.


  • A 360-degree campaign consulting approach, insight, learning agendas, and strategic planning all help Albert AI help marketers build strong brands.
  • Through the use of over 200 different capabilities, the tool can analyze the unanalyzable.
  • This data analytics tool identifies potential customers, runs test campaigns with them, and refines those campaigns for a larger audience.  

Plans & Pricing of Albert AI


  • It’s so user-friendly in providing a highly sophisticated platform that understands the individual needs of the persons using it.


  • No information about pricing.

2. by Freshworks – AI data analysis tool

AI Data Analytics Tools #2 - Freddy The attentiveness of Freddy helps your teams engage better with customers.
The attentiveness of Freddy helps your teams engage better with customers by identifying patterns that would otherwise go unnoticed. 

One of the most adaptable AI data analytics solutions for better and more intelligent consumer understanding is Freddy AI.

The data analytics platform gains knowledge from your CRM data and uses it to offer insights, forecasts, and targeted advice to your business and processes. To help you make wise decisions, it combines these insights with sophisticated automation tools.

TOP FEATURES OF FREDDY AI (AI data analysis tool)

  • Identify priority contacts with contact scoring: Based on the score and star rating, you can quickly order your contacts. In order to award ratings to contacts, Freddy learns from historical data such as contact characteristics, engagement levels, etc.
  • Drive deals to closure with AI-based insights: By providing deal insights, Freddy’s deal insights aid teams in making wiser decisions.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of deals to better forecast revenue: With sales forecasting, sales managers and teams can keep track of their numbers from a single dashboard.

Plans & Pricing of Freddy AI


  • Easy to use.


  • Weak customer support.

3. Hubspot CRM  – AI data analysis tool

In addition to helping marketers, sales, and service teams keep their databases clean, HubSpot AI helps them focus on their customers.
In addition to helping marketers, sales, and service teams keep their databases clean, HubSpot AI helps them focus on their customers.

Another AI data analytics tool that lets you manage all of your contacts, deals, and tasks in one place is HubSpot CRM. The platform is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered cloud-based customer relationship management solution that enables sales and marketing teams to work together to grow their business.

Top features of HubSpot CRM (AI data analysis tool)

  • Simple tracking of your contacts’ communications with your business.
  • A thorough understanding of your sales pipeline.
  • Integration with other HubSpot products that is seamless.
  • Use workflows to automate repetitive processes.

Plans & Pricing of HubSpot CRM


  • Tracking communication
  • Templates
  • Organizing the day’s work
  • Reliability of data


  • Reporting
  • Building emails from HTML
  • Personalization for more than 2 segments

4. – – AI data analysis tool

data analysis tool #4 - With Axiom, you can automate any website action without writing a line of code.
With Axiom, you can automate any website action without writing a line of code.

Getting manual data back is no longer a necessary evil. enables you to retrieve information from Google Docs, Linkedin, Amazon, Google, and many other sources using bots.’s intuitive platform allows you to create a workhorse (bot) that pulls data simultaneously from multiple platforms. Their Chrome extension makes easy to use and makes it one of the AI data analytics tools for you.

Top Features of (AI data analysis tool)

  • Make your bots run manually, on a schedule, or integrate with Zapier to trigger on external events.
  • Every bot can be customised to your needs. Build as many as you need.
  • Data Entry
  • Visual Web Scraping

Plans & Pricing of


  • The software is user-friendly and has nice features.
  • Was developed properly it’s a great product.


  • Plans are not so affordable.

5. Optimove – AI data analysis tool

By orchestrating, measuring and optimizing campaigns at scale, Optimove helps you achieve measurable growth.

In order to give a unified view of all information on a single dashboard, Optimove, a customer data platform, collects data from several platforms with the use of AI-powered marketing capabilities. Businesses may swiftly review or exchange information and choose marketing tactics because of its data analytics capability.

Top Features of Optimove (AI data analysis tool)

  • Create hundreds of granular segments with Optimove’s myriad of insight discovery solutions, including a robust single-customer view and predictive customer data analytics.
  • Eliminate the complexity of managing hundreds of segments with Optimove’s AI bot that combs through campaign data to surface actionable recommendations.

Plans & Pricing of Optimove


  • The activity triggers are a really great feature. A great marketing tool for sending out personalised offers.
  • Optimove platform is easy to use, a high-quality Recommendation Engine and great Predictive Modeling.


  •  Some of the processes could be made simpler. The interface is also quite clunky which is a real shame.
  • Make the reporting / exporting data more simpler


Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the business world as we know it. With so many different applications, it’s no wonder why AI-powered tools are in high demand among businesses of all sizes. If you’re looking to get started with AI or take your company’s usage of this technology to the next level, these AI data analytics tools can help!

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